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“The marketing services industry is digitising and fragmenting. The pace of change is accelerating and the solutions of the past can no longer keep up.

Pioneering Marketers are no longer satisfied with the creative, digital and marketing talent that they find in large agency networks - something which we see first-hand at Studiospace…

As a marketplace that empowers ambitious brands to work with the world's best indie agencies, we’re constantly learning about the client-agency partnership (and how to make it better).

We want to share our insights in this report: Offering YOU unique insight into the common characteristics of successful Pioneering Marketers and how they harness the collective brilliance of a truly diverse global agency community.”

Pete Sayburn

What makes a pioneering marketer?

The top three common characteristics of pioneering marketers

By examining data and insight across a variety of sectors from our platform, we discovered a set of common behaviours displayed by market leaders that elevate them higher and empower them to be more impactful...

Assemble All-Stars

Pioneering marketers curate flexible teams of deep specialists to solve business challenges in new ways

Embrace Emerging Trends

In order to drive the outcomes they need, Pioneering Marketers become early adopters of emerging trends

Move At Speed

They drive fast, decisive action to continually stay ahead of changing market dynamics

Assemble All-Stars

Pioneering Marketers create teams of experts, each the best in their market.

With the ever-growing number of creative, digital and marketing specialisms, they look for flexible ways to add expertise to their existing teams.

Assemble All-Stars

Stretched Attention

The modern Pioneering Marketer’s attention is stretched by the increasing number of specialist roles they need for the successful fulfilment of projects.

It’s not uncommon for a brief to include several challenges, dozens of comms channels, multiple layers of technology, and multiple phases of work - all fed by data insight.

It’s difficult for in-house teams to continually stay abreast of emerging specialisms, without significant investment in upskilling or increasing headcount. In the past, their only alternative was to turn to large network agencies or global consultancies.

Today, however,  Pioneering Marketers are turning to specialist indie agency teams instead… In the era of dynamic project teams, this flexible approach to engaging the agencies you need on a per project basis is rapidly gaining popularity…






Media Buying
Video Production
Market Planning
Social & Content
Creative & Production
Software Development
ATL Campaigns
BTL Campaigns
Strategic Design
Proposition Design
Sustainability Strategy
Research & Insight
CRM & Loyalty
Digital Marketing
UI/UX Design
Spatial & Event Design
Data Visualisation

We are already seeing a positive impact of working with new agencies via the Studiospace platform.

Chief Innovation Officer
Assemble All-Stars

Multi-specialist Projects

Leading brands are using Studiospace to curate teams of experts from different disciplines to solve their business challenges.

Pioneering Marketers have realised that a collective of specialists is far greater than the sum of its parts.

As a result, ambitious brands enjoy working directly with the craft specialists found in independent agencies, cutting out the layer of account management in agency holding companies.

Brand One

An established brand undertakes a huge digital transformation, forms joint teams of specialists to complete multiple programmes, transforming different parts of the organisation.




Research & Insight
Marketing Planning
Proposition Design

Brand Two

An innovative project to develop and launch a new venture for the business. The company engaged different independent agencies along the journey to discover, design and deliver a brand new proposition.




Data Science
Research & Insight
Product Specialisms

Brand Three

A well-known global brand leveraged specialist skills alongside their local market knowledge to create an aligned 3-5 year digital experience vision.




Strategic Design
Research & Insight Specialisms

These guys got our brief and turned it into something we never expected we could reach. The task was huge and they approached each challenge with optimism and confidence that we could reach the goal. Really hope I get to work with them again!

Product Owner
Jaguar Land Rover
Assemble All-Stars

Hot Skills

Specialisms that Pioneering Marketers draw on most right now…

In 2022, we’ve brokered 100s of briefs to match the demands of ambitious brands for specialists to complement their in-house creative, digital and marketing teams.

This marketing services space is moving so quickly that we onboard new categories of specialism every month to cater to your needs.

UI/UX Design
Proposition Design
Strategic Design
Marketing Planning
Creative & Production
Brand Strategy
Social & Content
Media Buying
Software Development
& Loyalty
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Founder Diversity

Leading founder diversity

Doing well, but more to go

Diversity in teams translates into as much as 2.5 x higher cash flow per employee with 35% better productivity too - which again translates into better ROI and value for Corporate Pioneers.

We champion diversity in teams, with a deep appreciation for the fact that equitable companies achieve standout results.

One area we’re particularly passionate about is increasing gender diversity since “only 0.1% of creative agencies are founded by women,” according to Forbes

While 30% of the agencies on Studiospace are female-led, we’re on a mission to improve this to 50%.

Sector average female founders
Our female founders
Target female founders
2022/2023 innovation system

Anticipating market shifts

The only constant is change. And it’s accelerating.

Pioneering Marketers use this to their benefit.

Tapping into the emerging expertise of indie agencies, Pioneering Marketers’ teams are empowered to stay at the cutting edge of new technology and respond to rapidly shifting commercial and societal trends.

From data from briefs and client interviews, we’re seeing strong interest in several emerging trends. Scroll to reveal how we see emerging trends working together as parts of an interconnecting system.

Working with Studiospace opened our briefs up to a whole new calibre of agencies. The team are knowledgeable, supportive, well connected and come highly recommended.

Marketing Manager
MA Financial Group
Demanding the best

Getting under the hood

Collaboration is king

Outcome oriented

Getting under the hood

Brand owners will only select agencies who demonstrate a thorough understanding of their business and customers.

Market-leading CMOs know that this understanding is key to creating unique solutions that work for their brand and business objectives.

Thanks also for listening and helping get from the big idea to something amazing and realistic within our timescales.

Randy Marsh
Chief Innovation Officer

Collaboration is king

Traditionally external agencies or consultancies would take the problem away to solve it, without involving the internal team in the process.

Fresh-thinking CMOs are creating blended teams of external specialists with in-house teams. They create solutions that can both win in the market and practically work for the business.

Excellent, flexible, creative and helped us push our ideas further, was a fully collaborative experience. Wasn't just we say and they do.

Randy Marsh
Chief Innovation Officer

Outcome oriented

Market leaders are motivated by the impact of their brand in the market. For every piece of activity, no matter the size, they demand outputs that cut through in the market and create tangible outcomes.

Thought The Bang really brought a lot to this project, including their approach, passion, knowledge and commitment to getting us a great outcome.

Randy Marsh
Chief Innovation Officer

Harnessing the collective brilliance of a truly diverse global agency community

Corporate pioneers look for indie agencies who fuse trusted sector expertise with fresh ideas & inspiration from other sectors...

Trusted sector expertise

Experience of the sector is crucial in complex areas like financial services, especially when time is of the essence.

Inspiration from other sectors

Creativity stars with original, open thinking - including insight into related problems and solutions from other sectors.

Some of the incredible brands our agencies are working with

Moving at Speed

Time-to-market... Pace of delivery… Ability to rapidly react to sector shifts… All top priorities, but Corporate practices and lack of available talent can slow down Pioneering Marketers’ ability to respond.

Traditionally, onboarding new agencies has been a laborious and slow process for big brands - discouraging them to leverage the specialism and talent within indie agencies.

The Studiospace model helps large brands to rapidly discover, onboard and engage new agencies for their next brief. Our digital matching, meeting, briefing and pitching process happens at pace. All this momentum without sacrificing the quality of the work or your client experience…

Regardless of how many specialist agencies a brand works with, we handle all the contracting and payments.

Moving at Speed

We're making finding & procuring agencies more efficient



Matching Speed

The number of days it takes for the average Studiospace client to meet with three agencies and appoint their ideal agency partner.

Thanks also for listening and helping get from the big idea to something amazing and realistic within our timescales.

Head of Operations


Win rate

Successful Matches

The percentage of big brands’ briefs awarded to one of the agencies through Studiospace.

Studiospace offers a new way of working for clients, giving them access to the brightest minds in independent agencies.




Agency Rating

The average level of satisfaction clients report after working with agencies through Studiospace.

I have been incredibly impressed by Studiospace - I had the tightest of timescales to deliver an immersive event in NYC.

Gala Games


Day payment

Payment Terms

The number of days for the indie agency to receive payment after they’ve completed & invoiced a project through Studiospace.

Studiospace handle all the parts of landing deals that I hate to do such as contracts and invoicing so we can focus on what we do best, design.

Shoreditch Design Studio

Studiospace helped me refine my brief, secure the right creative agency to meet my needs - all within a matter of days. The quality of work that delivered exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend this business

Head of Operations
Gala Games
Agencies by numbers

9 family businesses

78 languages spoken

More than 1,000 awards

Located in 17 different cities

23 fully remote agencies

We hope you enjoyed Studiopulse '23 and are inspired and energised by what you've read…

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